This website is the  home site of the Riley Restorers Club of Australia Inc. The purpose of the club is restoring  Rileys and maintaining them. We  want to share our expertise with other enthusiasts, offer advice on a specific models. We keep  articles about previous restorations of specific models.  The Riley Restorer Club wants to contribute to the national effort to get parts made at affordable prices.   There are people to talk to who have rebuilt specific engines or restored the Riley of your interest. There are second hand bits that members can have for a donation to our spare parts fund. 

You can be a member , never attend a meeting  and share expertise with other enthusiasts via the internet. The purpose of the Club is to serve Riley restorers. You might say well can’t we get that from our state clubs?  In many cases you can but sometimes not. Some people know stuff but don’t share it because writing is difficult for them. Others want to know how to do stuff but do not know who to ask or those who know are not around when you want to talk to them.

In summary, The RR Club has the same restoration and maintenance aspirations as state clubs, to restore Rileys and maintain and keep them. But, for the RR Club this is their only focus. It cannot be anything else because the membership is nationwide and in New Zealand. Any Riley enthusiast can join the club,  provide or receive advice and find out where to get parts or information.  This club keeps records about useful parts and there are those who can provide advice about where to get them.






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